Coming soon! Sky Rover 180APO PRO Telescope

Coming soon! Sky Rover 180APO PRO Telescope

SKY ROVER 180 APO PRO has been researched and developed by SKY ROVER team for years, and is now officially in production, with deliveries being made to pre-order customers.

Brief Introduction

The 180 APO PRO astronomical telescope is adopted the classic triplet elements, air-spaced apochromatic design, which includes two pieces of specially customized super ED glass. The objective lens is made using the traditional slow polishing process and undergoes high-quality processing, as well as double-checking by artificial star dots and laser interferometers to ensure quality. The focal ratio of the 180 APO PRO is F/7, with excellent chromatic aberration control. In addition, a dedicated 0.8x reducer has been independently made for the 180 APO PRO to fully meet the needs of medium format photography.

Key technical specifications:

Diameter: 180mm Optics: Triplet elements, air-spaced super apochromatic, including 2 pieces of specially customized Super ED glass

Focal ratio: F/7 for visual, F/5.6 for photography

Focuser: 4.2-inch R&P two speeds focuser

Reducer: Dedicated 0.8x reducer/field flattener

Image circle: Excellent image circle of 55mm (fulfilling the illumination requirements)

This brief introduction covers the optical parameters of the 180 APO PRO astronomical telescope; more detailed specifications and unique design features will be released soon.

Stay tuned!

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