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10x50 Binoculars

10x50 Binoculars

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Some classic observational books recommend handheld stargazing binoculars with specifications of 7x50 or 10x50. However, with increasing light pollution around cities and the fact that after the age of 30, even in complete darkness, the pupil diameter rarely reaches 7mm, part of the aperture of 7x50 binoculars might be wasted. On the other hand, the 10x50 specification, with its 5mm exit pupil, will not waste the 50mm objective lens aperture. Additionally, compared to 7x50 binoculars, 10x50 binoculars allow you to see more faint stars than 7x50. Therefore, in recent years, the recommended specification for stargazing has largely shifted to 10x50. Please choose specifications based on your actual usage environment and requirements.

65° FOV

Sky Rover Red Mountain 10x50 binoculars feature a classic 65° apparent field of view and use large, high-precision MS-specification prisms (BaK4).  With all-glass lenses and FMC, these binoculars offer higher light transmission, making observed objects appear brighter. You can use them for stargazing, comet observation, and identifying deep-sky objects, all with excellent performance.

BaK4 Prism

This binoculars not only use large, high-precision BaK4 prisms of MS-equivalent specifications, but also incorporate the spring suspension system from the MS prisms into the series. This provides enhanced shock resistance. The large prisms with high shock resistance not only reinforce the optical axis of its but also improve overall stability.





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