New Arrival-70 APO ZOOM BINO

New Arrival-70 APO ZOOM BINO

The SKY ROVER giant binoculars have been widely adopted by enthusiasts for wildlife observation. However, considering the complex outdoor environments in which they are used, we have raised the bar for waterproofing in our binoculars.

IPX7 waterproof

In the past, the SKY ROVER giant binoculars provided an IPX7 waterproof rating only for the main body of the binoculars. Due to the use of an open eyepiece interface, the eyepieces and the focusing mechanism could not offer perfect waterproofing. In extreme conditions, moisture could penetrate through the focusing mechanism interface, leading to image blurring or complete loss of imaging due to submersion. Therefore, for enthusiasts who require high waterproof standards for field observation, we have developed the 70APO ZOOM BINO large binoculars with a complete argon gas filling for waterproofing. Both focusing and zooming can meet immersion standards. Each 70APO ZOOM BINO undergoes no less than three immersion tests before delivery.

Due to the external zoom eyepiece design, we faced many challenges in the overall design and manufacturing process. After hundreds of experiments and component adjustments, we eventually found the balance between focusing, zooming, and waterproofing, completing the design of the APO ZOOM BINO series. 

New series mark

We have introduced a new series logo on the right side of the binocular body.

The red stylized letter 'Z' in the illustration serves a dual purpose; it signifies the ZOOM series while also resembling the numeral '7,' indicating the 70mm aperture size.

Non-removable zoom eyepieces

The 70 APO ZOOM BINO binoculars feature an integrated constant field of view zoom eyepiece, ensuring a consistent viewing experience without noticeable changes in the field of view during use.

The zoom eyepiece itself offers continuous zooming, but it includes ball detents for specific magnification settings (26x, 31x, 36x, 41x, 46x, 52x) for direct use during observations, eliminating the need to divert attention from the subject to adjust the zoom.

To address issues encountered in earlier test versions regarding excessive eye relief, the production model eyepieces have been designed with foldable eyecups for user convenience.

*It is recommended to use the marked magnification settings for optimal waterproof performance during outdoor observations.

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