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Sky Rover Optics

1x Field Flattener for 72 ED APO

1x Field Flattener for 72 ED APO

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1x Field Flattener

SKY ROVER specially designed a 1X field flattener for photography for 72ED APO. It is connected with the telescope by threaded connection (M54x0.75, when in use, the 2-inch connector on CAA should be rotated and removed), and it is matched with the image field rotator (CAA) at the tail of the focusing tube, so it can meet your composition requirements without rotating the main mirror. At the same time, its lens body adopts two-section design, and the default factory is SLR camera shooting mode. If you use CCD/CMOS, you can remove the SLR adapter and install the flattener before using.


                                   Model: 1x for 72ED APO
                                   Item No.:25715
                                   Interface Spec: M54X0.75/M48X0.75
                                 Magnification: 1x
                                   Back Focus: 55mm
                                   Dust Cover: rubber on objective lens and metal on eyepiece
                                   Size: 55x50mm(width x height)
                                 Net weight: 120g

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