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Sky Rover Optics

115 APO F/7 Telescope

115 APO F/7 Telescope

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115 APO F/7

SKY ROVER 115 mm F/7 APO apochromatic astronomical telescope adopts three-element, air-spaced apochromatic design, including one piece ED glass.

It is equipped dual-speed rack and pinion 2.5-inch focuser, The entire focuser barrel is CNC machined with an anti-reflective internal design and matting paint, providing extra measures to eliminate stray light.

You can use it with a 1x flattener, or 0.8x reducer optionally.

The 1x flattener does not change the telescope's focal ratio itself. The flattener corrects field curvature and coma, resulting in flatter field edges and finer star points.

The 0.8x reducer can bring the 115APO's focal ratio down to F5.6, which has a wider field of view and faster exposure times, making it suitable for capturing large areas of nebulae, star clusters, and faint, fast-moving celestial objects.

115APO adpots a detachable tube, meet the demands of visual and photography. It supports install binoviewer and other accessories.

As visual observers do not require a CAA, to optimize weight, the CAA is sold separately with the flattener and reducer. If you require multiple flattener/ reducers, only one CAA is necessary, please inform our customer service when making a purchase.