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Sky Rover Optics

2x Extender

2x Extender

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2x Extender

Telecentric structure

Compared with the ordinary Extender, the telecentric Extender structure does not generate large angle extended beam, which can better to control of vignetting and edge aberration. It is not easy to significantly change the magnification even increase the rear working distance (within reasonable distance).

One mirror for two purposes

It can be connected to eyepiece and planetary camera, which you can use for visual observation, or planetary camera/SLR.

Two-sections design

It was specially designed in two sections; you can use a 1.25 "eyepiece/a planetary camera or disassemble the socket and use M42x0.72 thread to connect the camera or part of the planet camera.

Installation Diagram

Picture is only for reference.


Brand: SKY ROVER 2x Extender                                       Optical structure: 4 elements 2 groups
Interface: 1.25 inches                                                        Filter thread: M28x0.6
Adapter thread: M42x0.75                                                Accessories: 2xExtender, cleaning cloth


(1) 1.25 inches interface      (2) Locking screw      (3) M42x0.75 thread      (4) M28x0.6 filter thread

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