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Sky Rover Optics

Carbon Fiber Tripod & Fluid Head

Carbon Fiber Tripod & Fluid Head

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36mm Carbon Fiber Tripod

SKY ROVER launched 36mm Carbon fiber tripod in 2020, it is suitable for a part of binoculars, telescopes and photographic equipment. The tripod is made of carbon fiber, which is easier to carry around. It is included Fluid head, the low angle reaches +90°~-75°,The base hole is 3/8 screw, it is easy to install with quick release plate. Rational design makes you handy with facility.


Product Name: 36mm Carbon Fiber Tripod (included Fluid Head)
Material: Carbon fiber
Folded Height: 540mm (±50mm adjustable)
Unfolded Height: 1550mm
Tripod Diameter: 36mm
Net Weight: About 3.1kg
Package: Tripod+base+soft bag+ fluid head


36mm Carbon Fiber Tripod (included Fluid Head)

(1) 3/8 screw        (2) Sponge        (3) Locking ring        (4) Carbon fiber tube

Fluid Head

(1) Handle          (2) Lock knob of quick release plate           (3) Quick release plate           (4) Lock knob of handle                  (5) 3/8 screw base        (6) Lock knob low angle

*If you order tripod with Fluid hear, just need to screw the base of Fluid Head in 3/8 screw of tripod, then installation completed.

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