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Sky Rover Optics

70mm F/5 Super Astrograph V4 Telescope

70mm F/5 Super Astrograph V4 Telescope

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70 SA V4

Sky Rover has made minor changes for the 70SA V4 in 2023, mainly changing the position of the focal plane controller, it is more effective and stable.

The 70 SA v4 adopt Petzval structure, image circle is 45mm and meet full frame camera requirement.

It is with new 2.8-inches Aluminum alloy focuser, stronger focusing tube.

It adopts new design with tube ring/handle and so on, focuser can connect with most of electromotion focus; the front of dewshield has been reserved the installing holes for electromotive lens cover to easy to lock dewshield and carry electromotive flat field plate.

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Model: SKY ROVER 70mmF/5 Super Astrograph v4
Diameter: 70mm
Focal length: 350mm
Focal ratio: F/5
Optics: 4 elements 4 groups, Petzval structure, including some super ED glass and lanthanide material.
Coating: FMC
Focuser: 2.8-inch R&P two speeds focuser, a CAA is included, travel distance about 29mm
Mirror body: made of aluminum alloy, tractable dewshield
Size: about 350 mm (Fully Retracted); about 434 mm (Fully Extended)
Weight: OTA about 4kg
Standard: dovetail plate, patented handle.
Packaging: Full-wrapped pearl cotton and double-layer cartons

Basic Structures

(1) Thread interface
(2) Focuser
(3) Finder base
(4) Handle
(6) Coarse focus wheel
(7) Fine focus wheel
(8) Knob of tube ring
(9) Main tube
(10) Tube ring
(11)Dovetail plate

Focal Plane Controller Illustration

Minor changes for the 70SA V4 in 2023, mainly changing the position of the focal plane controller, it will be more effective and stable.
PS: Using 2mm hexagon wrench for adjusting tighten or push, using 1.5mm hexagon wrench for Anti-skid screws.
① 3 groups, M3 thread(tighten)
② 6 groups, M4 thread(push)
③ 3 groups, M3 focal plane Anti-skid screws.

Back focal length Illustration

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