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Sky Rover Optics

80ED APO F/7 telescope

80ED APO F/7 telescope

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80ED APO F/7

The telescope has a 80mm large diameter, which can increase the light flux and make the observed objects brighter. It contains a piece of super ED glass, which can effectively reduce the color difference and dispersion of light and restore the true color.

Sky Rover 80ED APO F/7 can be widely used for shooting stars, flowers, birds, etc. The lightweight telescope body of less than 2kg is very convenient to carry and use.

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 Model: Model: 80mm F/7 ED APO astronomical telescope  Optics: doublet elements, air-spaced apochromatic, including a piece of Super ED
Diameter: 80mm Focal length: 560mm
Focal ratio: F/7 Coating: FMC
Light gathering power: 131x (naked eye) Resolution: 1.45 arc seconds
Ultimate magnitude: 11.3, etc. Focusing: 2.5-inch R&P two-speed focuser

Size: about 425mm (Fully Retracted)

Weight: about 3kg

Packaging: Full-wrapped pearl cotton protective packaging and double-layer cartons

Basic Structures

(1) Eyepiece side                        (2) Focuser                           (3) Finder base                            (4) Main tube                        (5) Hole for other parts        (6) Dewshield
(7) Fine focus wheel                  (8) Coarse focus wheel          (9) Knob of tube rings          (10) Dovetail plate                (11) Tube rings  

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