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Sky Rover Optics

8x42/10x42/10x50/12x50 APO Binoculars

8x42/10x42/10x50/12x50 APO Binoculars

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8x42/10x42/10x50/12x50 APO

SKY ROVER Banner Cloud series 8x42/10x42/10x50/12x50 APO adopt Double ED glasses, which can reduce the chromatic aberration and give a bright image. Apochromatic structure provides higher-quality object details and color accuracy.

It is coated with FBMC+phase coating+dielectric coating, makes the picture clearer. Magnesium alloy body not only makes the structure of the binoculars more stable, but also makes it light and durable. It is very suitable for traveling, going to concerts, observing the stars, etc.

FBMC+phase coating+dielectric coating

Super high-precision roof prism group, with phase coating and dielectric coating, combined with new FBMC, fully utilizes every beam of light entering the objective lens.

FBMC combined with a hydrophobic coating, when water droplets fall on the lens, they can condense and slide off, leaving no water droplets; It also effectively prevents water stains from remaining and reduces the generation of fog.

High Light Transmittance

It has an average transmittance of up to 90% and a peak transmittance of up to 92%. It produces bright images, minimizes color deviation, and restores true colors.

Ultra wide angle

It has a ultra-flat field wide-angle design, providing sharp imaging from the center to the edge. This series of binoculars can provide an apparent field of view of over 70 degrees.


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