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0.8x Reducer Flattener for 70APO PRO

0.8x Reducer Flattener for 70APO PRO

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0.8x Reducer Flattener

In 2020, Sky Rover launched a new 0.8xreducer flattener for 70 APO PRO, which can meet the illumination requirements of full-frame photography.

When the 0.8x reducer flattener is combined with the 70 APO PRO, the focal ratio is shortened from F6 to F4.8, which can make the starry sky wider, the stars points finer, and the SNR better under the same exposure.

The default rear working distance is about 55mm. It supports install filter inside for new version, the thread is M63x1 to connect with the end of telescope, M48x0.75 thread connects camera, this side included inside thread M48x0.75, filter can install in this thread. Using the camera angle adjustment (CAA) at the end of the focusers can satisfy the composition requirements without turning the OTA, and can satisfy the use of filter wheel /OGA/ astronomical camera (please use accessories within the back working distance range).


Product Name:0.8X for 70APO PRO
Interface Spec:M63X1/M48X0.75
Back Focus: 55mm
Dust Cover: rubber
Size: 67x102mm(WxH)
Net weight: 470g

      Installation Diagram

①Telescope      ② 2-inch interface      ③ 0.8x reducer flattener      ④ SLR Adapter (M48 T ring)     ⑤ SLR      ⑥ CCD Adapter      ⑦ CCD

①Telescope      ② 2-inch interface      ③ 0.8x reducer flattener    ④ Filter
⑤ Adapter (with M48x0.75 thread inside)     ⑥ SLR Adapter (M48 T ring)      ⑦ SLR      ⑧ CCD Adapter      ⑨CCD

Back Focus Diagram

*If u need to connect SLR camera SLR camera or CCD, the back focus is 55mm.

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