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Sky Rover

1x Field Flattener for 60 ED APO

1x Field Flattener for 60 ED APO

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1x Field Flattener

The Sky Rover 1X flattener designed for 60ED APO photography, which can provide a diameter of about 44 mm and can meet the needs of full frame photography. It is connected to the telescope by thread connection (M54X0.75, it needs to remove the 2-inch adapter on CAA when using), and work with the camera angle adjustment (CAA) at the end of the focuser, without turning the OTA, it can meet your composition needs.

At the same time, it adopts two type design, factory for SLR camera mode by default, if you are using a CCD/CMOS , please remove the SLR adapter, then it can provide up to 70.5 mm back focus, basically can meet the use demand of the filter wheel/OAG/CCD, we provide specific parameter showing connection diagram.

As the SKY ROVER 60ED APO telescope has similar specifications to the TAKAHASHI FS-60CB, this flat field can also be adapted to the FS-60.


Model:1x field flattener for 60ED APO
Magnification: 1x
Objective Interface: M54X0.75
Ocular Interface: M48X0.75
Camera Back Focus: 54.8mm
Max Back Focus: 72mm
SLR adapter: 17.2mm
Dust Cover: rubber on objective side, metal on ocular side
Net Weight: 165g

SKY ROVER 60 ED APO Telescope + 1x FIELD FLATTENER Backfocus Diagram

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