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Sky Rover Optics

2x54 Constellation Binoculars

2x54 Constellation Binoculars

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Got it some days ago. You can see much more stars. Since Andromeda Galaxy is currently too low in Germany, I can't tell if you can spot it better. Overall a nice and solid piece of Optics.

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2x54 Constellation Binoculars

SKY ROVER 2x54 constellation binoculars can provide a 36-degree field of view, so that you can see a wider night sky when observing, which can effectively increase the number of stars that can be observed. And the objective lens are provided with M56 filter thread, which can be used for connecting various filters and is convenient to use. The packaging is made of environment-friendly materials, which can be reused.


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(1) Objective Lenses                           (2) 1/4 screw hole cover                       (3) M56 filter threads     
(4) Strap installation                            (5) Eyepieces                       (6) Eyepieces adjustment


Brand: SKY ROVER                                            Model: 2x54
Magnification: 2x                                                 Lens Diameter: 54mm
FOV: 36°                                                             Close Focus: 1m
Interpupillary Distance: 58mm - 81mm
Coating: Fully multi-coated                                 Diopter Adjustment: -500°~+350°                      
Focus System: Individual                                    Waterproof: No
Accessories: soft pouch, cap, strap, cleaning cloth

In the Box

(1) Soft Pouch        (2) Strap       (3) 2X54 Binoculars       (4) Kraft Box       (5) Lens Covers (Objective and Eyepiece)

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Optional: 56mm UHC Filter

UHC is the abbreviation of ULTRA HIGH CONTRAST FILTERS, which belongs to the broadband filter in astronomical filter series. It has obvious effect on eliminating light damage, especially artificial light, such as street lamp, background lamp, viewing lamp, skylight and glowlight. By using high contrast filters, we can improve the contrast between the nebula box and the starry sky, and present abundant nebula details.

SKY ROVER 56mm UHC light damage filter is equipped with optical glass and double-sided multilayer coating. The frame is made of aluminum frame and laser lettering, which increases the service life of the filter.

One end of the filter is equipped with M56 thread, which can be directly connected to SKY ROVER 2x54 ultra wide angle binoculars, so that you can enjoy the starry sky even in the environment with serious light damage and pollution.


Diameter: 56mm                                             Screw: M56
Net Weight: 12g                                              Material of Frame: Aluminum
Mirror Material: Optical glass                          Coating: Double-sided multilayer coating

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