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Sky Rover Optics

70 APO PRO F/6 Telescope

70 APO PRO F/6 Telescope

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70 APO PRO F/6

SKY ROVER 70APO PRO apochromatic astronomical telescope adopts the air separation structure of three elements in three groups and is matched with the super ED glass made in Japan. The optical performance is fully reflected by the sophisticated processing and careful adjustment in the later period.

Metalworking parts are newly designed and supported by lens ring, which is smaller than the old L-shaped plate. The newly designed and manufactured 2-inch toothed dual speed focuser, and the image field rotator integrated at the tail, is more convenient for the use of photographic composition. The matching 0.79X reducer flattener adopts two connection methods: cannula and thread to ensure the coaxiality.

The compact size even can be easily controlled by Shinno equatorial mount. The weight of the whole telescope is only 1.9kg (lens body /CAA/2 inch to 1.25-inch adapter/lens ring), which is really convenient to carry.

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Basic Structures

(1) Eyepiece                                       (2) Focuser                                   (3) Finder base                       (4) Ring for tripod                     (5)Dewshield
(6) Fine focus wheel                        (7) Coarse focus wheel               (8) Main tube                       (9) Objective lens


Model: SKY ROVER 70APO PRO apochromatic astronomical telescope
Diameter: 70mm
Focal length: 420mm
Focal ratio: F/6
Optics: Triplet elements, air-spaced apochromatic, including a piece of Super ED
Coating: FMC
Focusing: 2.-inch R&P two-speed focuser. The tail of the focusing tube is integrated with the image field rotator (CAA), and CAA and fittings provide two connection ways, thread and intubation (the thread size of the flattener is M54X0.75).
Tube ring: lens ring design, precise connection without shaking; WIth three 3/8 screw holes at the bottom, and two 3/8-to-1/4 screw sleeves are pre-installed at the factory, which can be deployed according to your needs.
Mirror body: Aluminum alloy body.
Size: Tube barrel external diameter 76mm; dewshield external diameter 88mm (fully retracted) ; minimum length 333.8mm; maximal length 467.8mm (fully extended)
Weight: about 1.9kg (OTA)
Packaging: Full-wrapped pearl cotton protective packaging and double-layer cartons

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