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Sky Rover Optics

UF 18mm Ultra Flat Field Eyepiece

UF 18mm Ultra Flat Field Eyepiece

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UF 18mm

Ultra Flat Field 18mm eyepiece (hereinafter referred to as UF18 eyepiece) is a newly developed flat field eyepiece of SKY ROVER. It adopts compact mechanical design, provides high-quality optical imaging, can obviously improve the eyepiece field curvature, and control the edge distortion in an ideal range, and can obtain good imaging even on the main mirror with fast focal ratio. UF18 eyepiece has an exit pupil distance as long as 20mm, so even wearing glasses can also get comfortable observation experience. It is equipped with foldable eye cup, observing close to eyes rarely gets black. Remove the foldable eye mask, there is a M43X0.75 thread. If you need to take photos behind the eyepiece, you can also use this interface for projection photography. If the filter behind the eyepiece is needed, it can also be installed here, which will not affect the look and feel too much.


Brand: SKY ROVER                                                                       Coating: Fully multi-coated
Focal Length: 18mm                                                                     Eye Cup: Foldable
Eye Relief: 20mm                                                                         FOV: 65 Degrees
Field Stop: 27mm                                                                         Size of Interface: 1.25 Inches
Optical structure: 8 elements in 5 groups                                   Net Weight: 207g
Accessories: box, cleaning cloth

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